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Heritage tourism mobile app answers hi-tech riddle

December 12, 2011 By: DonH Category: No Comments →

David Pettigrew

(VANCOUVER) Without a word of a lie, my first job in journalism was at a newspaper that still used a hot lead type press (and for everyone who is too young to appreciate what that is, lemme tell you it was not an early form of computer).  So technology these days never ceases to amaze me. Last Friday (Dec. 9 if you want precision) I met up with a high-tech riddle that was a doozy:

What is it that lets you browse over 200 heritage sites in six regions all over B.C., build your own walking tour, gives you step-by-step directions to your destination and even suggests a nice place to eat after your visit?

The answer is the new Heritage Tourism Mobile App, unveiled at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre Auditorium (or just the plain old “Planetarium” to those of you who remember lead type) last week by the Heritage Tourism Alliance of B.C. It was part of the launch of the Time Travel BC Project website,

My colleague David Pettigrew, the project manager, walked everyone at the event (most of them delegates to the B.C. Museum’s Association) through the app and the website’s features. What with blogs, GPS capabilities, HDTV video clips and being thoroughly SEOed, it was pretty impressive. The whole point being to get more people out to these sites and experiencing our shared history firsthand.

“The whole idea is to drive traffic to your website and people to your door,” Pettigrew told the audience. “If we get people to your website, we’re happy. If we get people to your door, we’re thrilled.”

The app is currently in the Apple approval process and will be broadly available on several mobile platforms soon. is up and running and I recommend anyone interested in heritage, tourism and technology to take a look. You might even be able to find a lead type printing press on display…

BTW, The Time Travel BC Project is the result of a partnership between the Heritage Tourism Alliance of B.C., the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, the New Pathways to Gold Society, Heritage B.C. and the B.C. Museums Association.