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Gord and Don’s Excellent Adventure

November 26, 2007 By: admin Category: Let the journey begin No Comments →

So, take two guys, throw them in a pickup and tell ‘em to drive from Quesnel to Hope in five days and meet with every community they can in-between. The premise for a new reality TV show? A season-ending finale for Corner Gas? Nope. It’s the New Pathways To Gold Society Community Consultation Tour, otherwise known as “Gord and Don’s Excellent Adventure.”

That’s right: NPTGS Executive Director Gord Rattray and Communications/Creative Director Don Hauka are hitting the road on Monday, Nov. 26 and coming to a town near you. We’re climbing into Gord’s pickup and barnstorming down the corridor. We want to hear your ideas for commemorating 2008 and beyond – and how we can help you do it. We’ll be posting our daily experiences on this blog to let you all know how it’s going.

So brace yourself, British Columbia! The Gord and Don Travelling Road Show is coming to your community soon.