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It’s a titanic iceberg of love in Spuzzum

September 11, 2011 By: DonH Category: Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park No Comments →

  An iceberg floats on coffee

(ALEXANDRA BRIDGE PROVINCIAL PARK) Press releases are like icebergs — sure, the tip may look all shiny and impressive and get all the attention, but it doesn’t hurt once in a while to consider the nine-tenths of the object that lays beneath the surface. This event is a perfect example of that principle…

It is really, really early (for me, anyhow) on a Friday morning in August. Okay, so it’s 6:15 a.m., not that early, but for those of us who are not morning people, early enough. Fortunately, Sue Baerg and the crew from Fraser River Rafting Expeditions have (as was once famously said) some damned fine coffee on hand, and I am at least awake enough to worry (as is the lot of the flack) if anyone will actually show up for an event this early on a Friday in the summer when they could be at the beach, on the water, hiking or just sleeping in…

..and whaddaya know — the other nine-tenths have shown up. Along with the New Pathways to Gold contingent of Co-chairs Terry Raymond and Cheryl Chapman, Secretary Brent Rutherford and Executive Director Gord Rattray, we have Inge Wilson from the Hope Visitor Centre, we have a big contingent from the Yale & District Ratepayers Association, the Yale & District Historical Society, Debbie McKinney from Hell’s Gate Airtram, Kelly Pearce and Kelly Cook from Hope Mountain Centre, folks from the Ministry of Transportation and Highways, we got Dennis Adamson, the Electoral Area rep from the Fraser Valley Regional District — there’s a report from the Hope Standard… holy smokes! There are lots of folks here. Now, all we need is the tip of the iceberg… here’s Chief Mel Bobb of the Spuzzum First, good… Cheryl and Terry, and now, arrving early (when did you ever hear of that happening?) is Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon MP Mark Strahl and his assistant Jeremy.

We have gathered here in the parking lot of the highway pull out of this park to show Mark and a few others what an amazing place Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park is. And, of course, how it could be even more amazing with a little love. Well, all these folks showing up at this hour of the morning on a Friday in the summer is showin’ the love. Okay, time to get the iceberg of the road…