BC 150 Years
Route 1: THe Pathway to Gold

June 4, 1864. A very pleasant stretch of road along the “Little Flat.” Mr. York asked for word of George, but so many people are rushing to the Cariboo, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack…


Spuzzum means “Little Flats,” but there’s nothing small about the community’s spirit. Since ancient times, the people of Spuzzum were renowned for being peace-loving. A natural resting place along the Cariboo Wagon Road and later the Trans Canada Highway, it had but a single gas station and general store. Residents made its tiny size a virtue: both sides of a highway sign read “You are now leaving Spuzzum.”

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Three Fun Facts about Spuzzum

  1. Small size, big humour: t-shirts with slogans like “If you ain’t been to Spuzzum, you ain’t been anywhere” and “Spuzzum Institute of Technology” joked about Spuzzum’s size.
  2. Part of Spuzzum was burned in 1858 during a raid by American miners. But leaders like Chief Kowpelst still advocated peace.
  3. When the highway reopened after the rebuilding of Alexandra Bridge, the toll was an astronomical $1.00, or about $40 in today’s money.

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